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Supported platforms:
Windows 10
Supported languages:
Current version:
0.1 (preview release)
Release date:
November 15th, 2020


Note that this application requires the .NET Core 3.1 runtime. If you don't already have this installed, you'll be prompted to download and install it when you start the application.

FF Construction Kit

FF Construction Kit is a free application that can be used to create "choose your own adventure" style gamebooks.

It is primarily modelled around the classic series of "Fighting Fantasy" books, created and published by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson. I was spellbound by these books as a child and have always had a soft spot for them. After considering it for many years, I finally set about creating this project, to allow people to create their own stories while taking away as much of the administrative pain as possible.

This project is still in preview, and some features may be absent or not fully working. If you find any problems or have any suggestions then please contact me and let me know. There may be bugs! Please keep backups of your projects!

Here are some of the features of FF Construction Kit

  • Create as many "pages" as you like, to contain each step of your book.
  • Markdown support in page text to allow formatting to be added.
  • Easily link pages together to create the flow from one page to the next.
  • Automatic page number randomisation when you export your book.
  • Optionally "fix" specific page numbers if required.
  • Add monster battles and illustrations to each page to expand your story.
  • Real-time validation highlights issues and omissions in your book to help you get everything completely finished.
  • Export your store to PDF, HTML or Text formats (more export options may be coming soon, too...)
  • Quickly preview your book or any individual page to see how everything is looking.
  • FF Construction Kit is completely free, without adverts. You can distribute or publish the works you create with it without restriction.

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Getting Started

The following sections will help you get started with creating your own books:

  • Tutorial -- create your first book
  • Feature reference (coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Coming soon...