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Round 97

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Round 97


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: lightning, water, standard.
Clear fruit: none.


Another level claimed to be impossible by some, but which is really rather simple. At the beginning of the level, a Monsta and two Hidegons will fall down the left edge of the level. Trap these and burst them. Then fall through to the top of the level and take out the two Drunks.

Now for the tricky bit. Return to the bottom of the level and position yourself below the platform containing the two Zen-Chan, so that you are just slightly poking out of the right side of the platform. Facing right, jump up and blow a bubble so that it hits the rectangular platform to the right. You should be able to immediately bounce on this, turning back to the left and clearing out the Zen-Chan. Easy -- when you know how! :-)

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