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Round 96

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Round 96


Difficulty: easy-medium.
Bubbles: standard.
Clear fruit: none.


Wait near your starting point until the Invaders start moving. Three of them will fall straight towards you, where they can be bubbled and despatched. The remaining four will get stuck in the vertical slots at the top of the level.

To take out the Invader in the left slot, fall through the hole and bubble like mad. You should be able to trap the Invader and burst it as you fall past. If this doesn't work, try again -- edging slightly further towards it if necessary. You should be able to take it out after a couple of attempts.

To get the remaining Invaders, fall through the right-side hole but keep moving to the right as you fall. You should just miss the Invaders, falling on their right side. Then repeat the strategy for the first trapped Invader until they are all cleared.

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