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Round 95

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Round 95


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: standard.
Clear fruit: none.


Considered by many to be difficult or impossible, but this level is actually very easy. The normal strategy of blowing a bubble to the left edge of the level and jumping on it doesn't work, as for some reason the bubbles drift through the edge of the level where you can't get to them. Is this a bug or deliberate level design? I don't know, but it's tricked a lot of people into thinking they have to make their way up the centre of the level -- a very dangerous place to be.

However, if you stand up against the left edge of the level, facing right, the vertical platform in front of you has a notch sticking out at the top. If you jump and blow a bubble in mid-air so that it hits this notch, the bubble will float back to the left towards you. You can then jump over it in order to reach the first of the cut-away enclosures above you.

From here, reaching the second enclosure and then the top of the level is easy -- just stand against the left edge of the level facing right, blow a bubble and bounce upon it. When you get to the top, bubble all the bad guys and burst them as quickly as you can.

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