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Round 94

Show me!

Round 94


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: lightning, standard.
Clear fruit: computers.


Walk to the right and fall through the hole, keeping moving towards the right. You will land on top of the large letter "O" at the top of the level. Wait here until all of the Zen-Chan have got themselves stuck inside the letter "O" (but be careful, sometimes one of them manages to jump up to where you are waiting -- bubble and burst it if this happens).

Now wait until a lightning bubble is in line with the trapped baddies and burst it, facing towards the left. The lightning bolt will take out all of the Zen-Chan. Fill the level with bubbles while this is happening so that you can pick up as much free fruit as possible.


The letters at the top of the level, "NSO", can be entered on the Bubble Bobble high-score table to make a secret bonus appear on the first round of the next game played.

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