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Round 83

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Round 83


Difficulty: easy-mediun.
Bubbles: standard.
Clear fruit: none.


Jump up three times (being careful not to jump into the Drunk above you) and stand underneath the platform extending from the left edge of the level. Two Drunks will fall in front of you where they can be bubbled and burst, then jump to the top and take out the other Drunk. Cross to the right-hand side and despatch the remaining three Drunks.

Now for the more interesting bit, the Invader trapped in the middle. Don't attempt to reach it from underneath as you'll almost certainly get hit by one of its missiles or by the Invader itself. Instead wait so at the very bottom of the level on the platform over one of the holes, facing towards the Invader so that you are just poking out on the inside of the vertical wall. Wait until a bubble appears from the hole beneath you, then ride it to the top and bubble the Invader on the way. Burst it to clear the round.

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