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Round 73

Show me!

Round 73


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: lightning, water, standard.
Clear fruit: none.


Drop straight through to the top of the level and take out the two Hidegons, then kill the PulPul floating to the left. Drop through the vertical shaft and jump up beside the Banebou to trap and burst it, then drop through the right-side hole back to the top of the level.

If water bubbles have accumulated at the top/right corner of the screen, burst them now (making sure to face towards the left as you do) to kill the Hidegon at the bottom of the level.

Jump over to the bottom/left of the platform and wait near the left-side hole. The Banebou will work his way towards the right-side hole and will then drop through to the top where it can be despatched. If you didn't kill the final Hidegon earlier, wait until water bubbles appear at the top/right and use those to finish him off now.

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