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Round 67

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Round 67


Difficulty: easy-medium.
Bubbles: fire, lightning, standard.
Clear fruit: none.


One of the Banebou will leap out the left side of the platform above, and will fall towards you. Being careful to keep out of the way of the Invader's missiles, trap and burst this Banebou. Another will have falled from the right side and will be jumping over the holes towards you. Trap it in a bubble as it jumps over the left-hand hole. It will quickly escape from the bubble, fall through to the platform above and then follow the path of the first Banebou where it can be easily trapped and burst.

To clear the remaining monsters, climb the left hand wall by repeatedly jumping and blowing bubbles towards the wall. When you land on the platform, there are two ways to clear the round. The first is to bubble the baddies like mad and simply burst the trapped baddies as quickly as possible. The higher-scoring (but riskier) option is to keep jumping and blowing bubbles towards the middle of the level. You should be able to create a continuous "bridge" of bubbles over to the left side of the level. Once this has formed, jump across it and land on the left edge of the platform, bursting all the bubbles as you do. The fire and lightning will clear the round, turning each remaining monster into a diamond.

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