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Round 63

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Round 63


Difficulty: medium.
Bubbles: standard.
Clear fruit: none.


The bubbles on this level float so that they are almost stationary, and so you can't use them to gain access to the top of the level. Except, you can, if you blow the bubbles right. Stand near the left edge of the level, facing left, with about half a bubble's width between you and the wall. Jump up, and as you're ascending blow a bubble. You should now be able to land on that bubble and then repeat the process with another bubble. Continuing to do this should allow you to climb right to the top of the level. If in doubt, hit the jump and bubble buttons madly, it'll probably have the same effect. :)

Once at the top, run through the group of Invaders, bubbling and bursting them all. They escape from their bubbles very quickly, so be careful...

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