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Round 29

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Round 29


Difficulty: easy.
Bubbles: fire, standard.
Clear fruit: none.


Wait in the extreme bottom/left corner of the level. After a while, all of the Monstas will get themselves caught in between the platforms just above you. Then can then be trapped and burst as a group for 32,000 points. Alternatively, trap them and let them drift to the top of the screen, they will then become trapped above the top-most platform and killed in just a moment...

Jump to the floating platform at the top/right of the level, and wait until there are some fire bubbles above you. Facing towards the right, jump up to burst them. This will kill the Mighta, and also any Monstas that you allowed to get trapped in this area, turning them into diamonds.


This level is an almost exact copy of the first level of an earlier Taito game, Chack'n Pop.

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