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Round 100

Show me!

Round 100


Difficulty: medium.
Bubbles: none.
Clear fruit: none.


Before the Super Drunk starts moving, jump up and collect the nearest lightning potion. All the bubbles you blow will now contain lightning -- and the only way to kill the Super Drunk is to hit it with an awful lot of lightning bolts.

Blow a chain of bubbles towards the edge of the level, and when you have a good number of them walk into the lowest bubble to burst them all -- making sure to keep facing the edge of the level. The lightning should fly across the screen and hit the Super Drunk. Keep doing this, being careful to avoid the big guy and his flying bottles, and switching to the other side of the screen whenever he gets too near. Eventually he will become trapped inside a huge bubble. Burst it to finish the round.

But this is not a true ending! We will warp back to a random level between 50 and 90 and the game continues. Happy playing!

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