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Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
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Release date:
May 14th, 2007
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Automatic install: 293KB


Manual install: 15KB



One of the fantastic new features of the Visual Studio 2005 IDE is the ability to use Visualizers. These are utility windows that attach themselves to various object types within the VS2005 environment. When you hover the mouse over a variable of one of the supported object types, a magnifying glass icon appears within the popup tooltip, and clicking it opens the Visualizer window for that particular variable, allowing the variable content to be viewed much more easily.

Several Visualizers are included with VS2005 by default, to allow text to be viewed (as plain text, HTML or XML) and to allow DataTables to be examined more closely. The IDE allows further Visualizers to be written, however, such as ADImageVisualizer.

ADImageVisualizer allows Image objects (and objects for all classes that inherit from the Image class) to be viewed, manipulated and saved.

To install, either download and run the installer (which will automatically place the Visualizer into the appropriate location) or alternatively download the .zip file and extract the ADImageVisualizer.dll file to your My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Visualizers directory. There is normally no need to restart the Visual Studio IDE if you already have it open.

Once installed, you can activate it by hovering the cursor over an Image object while in break mode and clicking the magnifying glass icon in the tooltip:

Hovering over the Image object

This will open the main Image Visualizer window:

The ADImageVisualizer window

ADImageVisualizer is licenced as freeware.

Easy access to all Image, Bitmap and other Image-inherited objects
Image dimensions and pixel format displayed
Automatic scrolling if the image is too large to fit in the window
'Fit to window' mode will zoom the image to fit the window dimensions
Save image to disk in a variety of image formats
Images may be rotated, flipped and mirrored
Easy installation and uninstallation via either automatic or manual install

Version history

Version 1.0 (2007-05-14)

  • Initial release

See also

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