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6th June, 2009 Tile Fall released for Windows Mobile

Over 12 years after the release of the original version, I have today released another new version of Tile Fall. This time it's a Windows Mobile version of the game, and it's released as freeware.

My main reason for writing this was actually to learn how to develop Windows Mobile software; Tile Fall seemed like a sensible starting point as I'm rather familiar with how it works!

Although there are of course already lots of similar games available for Windows Mobile, I hope you will give Tile Fall a try. I'm rather pleased with some of its features, including some pretty graphics, automatic screen orientation detection on supported devices (like the HTC Touch Diamond/Pro and Samsung Omnia), nice animations, etc. It's definitely my favourite version of the game so far. It should work on all devices running Windows Mobile 2003 SE or later, and supports resolutions from 240x320 up to 480x800 -- full details on the game page itself.

Give it a try and see what you think. Have fun!

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