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8th May, 2014 RSS Central can now be purchased once and used on Windows Phone and Windows 8

RSS Central is now available as a "cross platform" app, meaning that you can buy it just once, and that will get you both the Windows Phone and the Windows 8 version of the app without needing to buy both separately.

I always wanted to allow users of RSS Central on Windows Phone to be able to use the Windows 8 version without having to buy it again, but until recently this wasn't something that the Store supported. This changed over the last few weeks however, and so now I can finally join the two versions of the app together.

To those of you that have already purchased the app on both platforms: thank you all so much for your support -- it is hugely appreciated! For those that have purchased it on just one platform, you should find that it is now automatically marked as purchased on the other platform too, so please give it a try.

I know that both versions could use some updates too, and don't worry, they are on their way. The Windows Phone version will be updated with proper WP8 support soon and perhaps some WP8.1 features too, and the Windows 8 version will support some new features and better window size support. Watch this space for more details over the coming weeks.

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