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12th July, 2013 New app available for Windows 8: Frotz8

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new free app for Windows 8: Frotz8.

Frotz8 is an interpreter for "interactive fiction" games (also known as "text adventures"). This is a genre that I have loved since the 1980s, and when I realised that there was no interpreter available for Windows 8, I set about creating one.

Frotz8 is based on the popular and capable Frotz engine, and can play games written to the "Z-machine" standard. This includes all of the original Infocom adventures, as well as hundreds of newer games available from The Interactive Fiction Archive.

I have spent some time working on the user interface for Frotz8, allowing quick and easy access to adding games, integration with the IF Archive so that you can download and install games with just a couple of taps or clicks, and full support for devices with touch screens and hardware keyboards. It'll also recommend a new game for you each week giving you plenty of new experiences to try.

This first version is not perfect and has a few features missing, but it should already be quite stable enough to offer you years of adventuring -- I hope you like it!

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