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22nd May, 2016 TellyPrompter temporarily offline

Unfortunately I have had to temporarily take TellyPrompter offline, and downloads are not currently available.

The reason for this is that the Radio Times, who have provided the listings feed that TellyPrompter relies upon, are withdrawing their feed from June 2016. After this, the current TellyPrompter code will no longer be able to obtain any program listings.

As you may have noticed, TellyPrompter has actually already stopped working. An informational message warning of the discontinuation of the service has been inserted at the top of each listings document, and this is confusing TellyPrompter and making it think no data is available. Normally I would just fix the code to tolerate this, but with the listings about to disappear anyway, there seems little point.

For the time being therefore, I'm afraid TellyPrompter needs a big "Out of order" sign to be stuck on.

However, there may yet be hope, as I have now managed to find an alternative feed that I should be able to get TellyPrompter to read. I'll be working on this in the coming weeks, so keep TellyPrompter installed if you're already using it.

You can check back here for updates, or TellyPrompter will notify you automatically as and when a new version is available.

I really hope to have this operational again shortly, please bear with me while I get it up and running again!

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